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Otosan Ear Cones

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9,00 €
Brand: OTC
A natural solution for the health of your ears.

OTOSAN Ear Cones
2 pieces

Otosan Ear Cones offer natural solutions to supporting the health of your ears.

The cones comply with EC directives and are made with Propolis.

Otosan Ear Cones are the only cones on the market to have 3 safety features of: flame breaking rings, protective discs, and drop-stop devices, making them suitable for all the family.


Otosan Ear Cones benefit ear hygiene in a simple, safe, and effective way, as it is a natural system which comes from an ancient popular tradition. Used regularly it helps to prevent the annoying ailments caused by a lack of hygiene, which, if disregarded, may damage the ear's long term health. Otosan Ear Cones have now been improved with the addition of Propolis, the natural substance renowned for its healing powers.


Cotton, wax, beeswax, propolis

Advisory information:

Do not use in cases of any ear disease, recent ear surgery. Store in a cool dry place. Ensure you have the assistance of a second person when using this product.